Fentanyl Citrate Actiq (Lozenges)

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Fentanyl Citrate (Actiq) lozenges online with secured global delivery.

Fentanyl Citrate Actiq is primarily used for the treatment of pain in cancer patients.

We offer Fentanyl Citrate

Actiq in packs of 200mcg, 400mcg, 600mcg, 800mcg, 1200mcg, and 1600mcg.



Buy Fentanyl Citrate Actiq (Lozenges)

Buy Fentanyl Citrate Actiq (Lozenges),  Fentanyl Citrate Actiq is an opioid medication that is used for the treatment of breakthrough pain experienced by cancer patients.
This medicine is generally recommended for those who have developed a tolerance toward other opioid painkillers.

What are the different forms or types of Fentanyl Citrate Actiq?
The different forms or types of Fentanyl Citrate Actiq are as follows:

Sublingual tablets
Patches that are placed under the skin
What are the other brand names, street names of Fentanyl Citrate?
The other brand names, street names of Fentanyl Citrate are as follows:

Where to buy Fentanyl Citrate Actiq?
You can purchase Fentanyl Citrate Actiq from our online store. The product is shipped worldwide.

What are the uses of the drug Fentanyl Citrate Actiq?
The use of drug Fentanyl Citrate Actiq is for the treatment of pain in cancer patients.

Buy Fentanyl Citrate Actiq (Lozenges)

This is used when the alternative methods of treatment are no more useful to the patient.

How Fentanyl Citrate Actiq works?
The principal therapeutic action of Fentanyl Citrate Actiq is analgesia.

This effect is linked to the blood level of the drug when proper allowance is made for the delay into and out if the CNS.
The effective concentration and the concentration at which toxicity occurs rise with growing tolerance.

What is the dosage of Fentanyl Citrate Actiq?
Fentanyl Citrate Actiq is given in six dose strengths.

Every unit is wrapped individually in a blister pack that is wrapped in such a way that it is child-resistant.
The blister packs are packed in 30 per shelf carton.

This is used after the patients are titrated to the appropriate dose.
Every dosage unit comes in white to off-white color.

Buy Fentanyl Citrate Actiq (Lozenges)

It is a solid drug matrix that is marked “ACTIQ”, with strengths written on them as
“200 mcg”, “400 mcg”, “600 mcg”, “800 mcg”, “1200 mcg”, or “1600 mcg”.

The strength of the dosage os marked on the tag in the handle, the blister package as well as the carton.

Fentanyl Citrate Actiq Overdose
When a person takes Actiq outside prescription guidelines or for recreational purposes, then overdose occurs.

This risk increases significantly in those individuals who combine ACTIQ with other substances, such as depressants like alcohol or sedatives.
The symptoms of Actiq overdose are as follows:

1. Reduced or stopped breathing.
2.The occurrence of blue lips and fingers.
3. Experiencing a cold, clammy skin.
4. Experiencing shakiness.
5.The occurrence of vomiting.
Naloxone can be used for the treatment of Actiq overdose.

Since Actiq has a potent nature and is prescribed for the individuals with a baseline opioid tolerance, higher naloxone doses are needed.

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200mcg, 400mcg, 600mcg, 800mcg, 1200mcg, 1600mcg


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